Isodieta: Isolipoprotein Diet


The Isodieta, or isolipoprotein diet, is a diet created by Dr. Jaime Brugos that synthesizes more than 40 years of research in the world of nutrition. It is a form of eating based on the nutrition and revitalization of our cells, providing them with the necessary nutrients in order to lead a longer and healthier life.


The Isodieta is not a “miracle diet” or a “weight-loss method”. Losing weight is a secondary effect caused by the reduction of carbohydrates and alcohol, in favor of proteins and fats that nourish and regenerate our cells, and by performing physical activity. The Isodieta is, therefore, a question of life habits and eating directed towards a perfect and constant nutrition, which allows us to enjoy good health and a long life.


In order to carry it out, it is necessary to monitor the food that we eat, and more specifically, whether the proteins that we are ingesting are really quality proteins. How do we choose the best protein? We rely on the best nutrition supplement in order to carry out the Isodieta.

More years for your life, more life for your years

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