Why Vitality 95 is the best protein on the market


When choosing a protein, in the first place you should make sure that they are not selling you sugar instead of protein:

Look at the total percentage of carbohydrates. If it has many carbohydrates (more than 25%), they will be selling you SUGAR at the price of protein!

Check the percentage of proteins.

This should be 80% or higher, any lower percentage again indicates that you are being sold carbohydrates instead of proteins.

Now, check the quality and the speed of assimilation of the proteins.

The rapid or incomplete assimilation (whey, micellar casein, soy) are used worse and nourish less. Vegetable proteins, being of low biological value due to the excessively small size of their particles, remain circulating through the blood stream much less time than necessary for a correct cellular nutrition.

Egg protein in the manufacturing process requires increasing the percentage of carbohydrates to support the egg fat, which leads us to the first point.

Calcium caseinate, normally accused of being of slow assimilation, is in reality of complete assimilation because it is the one that remains longer circulating through the blood stream.

Proteins from meat, chicken, fish, egg and other foods of animal origin contain large-sized particles and are also assimilated optimally.

Finally, remember that so that the proteins correctly fulfil their function of regenerating our cells, they must be ingested simultaneously with the correct amount of fat (preferably of animal origin).

The best fats: butter (which is not margarine), cream (as pure as possible, without added sugar), any of animal origin and olive oil.

VITALITY95® is a supplement formulated to comply with all the above directives with the highest quality raw material. Without sugar, without gluten, perfect to begin to care for your nutrition and your health.

More years for your life, more life for your years

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