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Hello, everyone, this past month made 2 years since I began the Isodieta and given that tomorrow it also makes 2 years since I suffered a myocardial infraction, it seems a good time to be thankful again for all that I have learned regarding nutrition which has helped me recover and again have a practically normal heart, passing from a LVEF indicator of 45% upon leaving the hospital (LVEF is the indicator most used to express how strong or weak the left ventricle contracts) to a LVEF of 64%.



I am sure that this improvement is due to a great extent to putting into practice all that I have learned reading the books “Adelgazar Sin Milagros” (Lose Weight Without Miracles) by Carlos Abehsera that helped me find the path to follow and led me to know the Isodieta and “Isodieta: Dieta isolipoproteica” (Isodiet: Isolipoprotein Diet) by Jaime Brugos, which opened my eyes definitively and help me understand what my nutritional problem was and how to solve it.


Without forgetting the rest of the benefits that I have experienced upon lowering my weight by 28 kg, nearly all fat, 30 cm of waist, the improvement of my blood analyses, the improvement of my self-esteem, etc.


From here I encourage everyone to try it because if I can do it, anyone can.


Greetings from Madrid (Spain).

Vicente Ribas


The ISODIETA, seeing is believing!! An entire life working out and eating well (so I thought!), but only 6 months was sufficient for this book to change my life and my way of eating, really thinking about what is truly important: to be nourished and always healthy, with energy and seeing the results inside and outside my body.


I recommend it 100 percent

José Antonio Villanueva

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