Vitality Kids: the supplement for healthy nourishment




Vitality Kids is an ideal supplement so that our children may have healthy nutrition. The protein in powder form has always been related to gaining muscle in the gyms in a safe way, but this is not always so. Sometimes the children need this protein to have a healthy development and be full of energy.

Benefits of whey protein for children:

It promotes growth

Protein powders (whey protein in particular) contain the amino acids that are necessary to maintain your children growing healthy and strong.

It helps the production of hormones

While the children go through puberty, their bodies begin to produce hormones. Protein is necessary for the production and distribution of these hormones.

Help in losing weight

Nowadays, many children suffer from obesity, but the addition of protein in powder to the diet of your children can help them lose weight. Not only is it going to accelerate their metabolism, but it is also going to help them to feel fuller easily.

Stimulus of the immunological system

Protein not only helps to develop stronger muscles, but it also helps your natural defenses against infections and more serious illnesses.

Vitality Kids is ideal for children and adults. Protein is an essential macronutrient for persons of any age. Not only does it help the body to construct, maintain and repair cells, it is also important for the immunology system and all the muscles of the body, including the heart.


“More years for your life, more life for your years”

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