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JAIME BRUGOS (Madrid, 1939). Half a century dedicated to studying and researching human nutrition.

Since 1992, his constant obsession has been to try to discover a nutritional system that combats obesity, reinforces health and increases longevity. In 2005, he wrote the best seller “Adelgazar Sin Matarse” (Lose Weight without Killing Yourself).


In 2008 he wrote the book “ISODIETA (Dieta isolipoproteica)” which updates concepts and improves the diet. The experience obtained through guiding and personally analyzing the evolution of thousands of followers, has allowed him to discover a “historical error” that has obstructed nutritional research for more than 50 years and that is revealed in this book.

Hello, everyone, this past month made 2 years since I began the Isodieta and given that tomorrow it also makes 2 years since I suffered a myocardial infraction, it seems a good time to be thankful again for all that I have learned regarding nutrition which has helped me recover and again have a practically normal heart, passing from a LVEF indicator of 45% upon leaving the hospital (LVEF is the indicator most used to express how strong or weak the left ventricle contracts) to a LVEF of 64%.

I am sure that this improvement is due to a great extent to putting into practice all that I have learned reading the books “Adelgazar Sin Milagros” (Lose Weight Without Miracles) by Carlos Abehsera that helped me find the path to follow and led me to know the Isodieta and “Isodieta: Dieta isolipoproteica” (Isodieta: Isolipoprotein Diet) by Jaime Brugos, which opened my eyes definitively and help me understand what my nutritional problem was and how to solve it.

Without forgetting the rest of the benefits that I have experienced upon lowering my weight by 28 kg, nearly all fat, 30 cm of waist, the improvement of my blood analyses, the improvement of my self-esteem, etc.

From here I encourage everyone to try it because if I can do it, anyone can.

Greetings from Madrid (Spain).

José Antonio Villanueva

The ISODIETA, seeing is believing!! An entire life working out and eating well (so I thought!), but only 6 months was sufficient for this book to change my life and my way of eating, really thinking about what is truly important: to be nourished and always healthy, with energy and seeing the results inside and outside my body.


I recommend it 100 percent

María Soledad Naranjo

I am enthusiastic about the Isodieta and the exercises that are given in the book, I have been only two months on the diet and I have lost 12 kilos. I will try to begin with the exercise that you recommend and continue without carbohydrates, since it is very clear to me that they are very damaging for my body. Thanks, Dr. Brugos for your interest in helping so many people like me, who are addicted to carbohydrates and that thanks to this diet it can cease.

Paula P.

Since my husband and I began with Isodieta, our life changed completely. Before we had tried other diets that left us hungry, anxious, tired and in a bad mood. In addition, after a time we gained the weight back. With Isodieta we are full of energy, we feel well nourished and we do not have the need to “cheat” and eat extras that harm us. We have also learned the basic principles of nutrition that we did not know. Our gratitude is immense and we do not have words to express it. We know very well that we are easily and pleasantly enjoying now the many years of work, research, costs, knowledge, energy and time that the creator of the Isodieta, Dr. Jaime Brugos has had to invest to establish this marvelous nutritional diet.

Amparo Erichsen

Five years ago I bought the book “Aldegazar sin matarse” (Lose Weight without Killing Yourself) and sincerely it seemed very good, very well explained and with an incredible logic in everything that appears in it. After reading it I changed my eating habits and I recognize that I felt very good… but little by little you fall back into the routine… the rushing, the stress… I don’t know how it could be but I forgot the way to be nourished correctly.

Five years later this book has again fallen into my hands. I am rereading it and like the first time that I read it, I continue thinking that it states a lot of truths. I write this because, when I end with the last word, I am going to take it seriously, I know that it works and I want, along with my family, to begin to eat as we should.

Maribel A.


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